001-How to get pregnant easily: 12 Technics for getting pregnant

Easy way to get pregnant
Easy way to get pregnant

Easy way to get pregnant.  You can quickly get pregnant naturally if you put into practice the advice, tips and herbal teas of Doctor Pregnancy in 12 technics to follow to get pregnant. 12 technics for getting pregnant are simple and easy to apply.

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How to get pregnant: 12 technics for getting pregnant

Procreating is a divine act. However, sometimes you try to get pregnant for years in vain. No problem, there are some simple things you can do to get pregnant naturally, and even have twins. Stay serene (serene) and calm, because soon your dream will come true. You will be father or mother. Indeed, having children is a couple’s business.

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1. Technics for Getting Pregnant: Love at the Right Time

The advice to be followed to get pregnant concerns the woman and the man, if not the couple. It takes two to have a baby. So, you have to make love, have it often, and do it at the right time. For women who have a stable 28-day cycle, it is relatively easy to spot the ovulation period which is often on day 14. The preceding and following four days are also suitable for fertilization since the average lifespan of sperm is four days and that of the ovum 48 hours. So, making love often and at the right time is one of the 12 technics followed to get pregnant.

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2. Technics for Getting Pregnant: Ovulation test

Those who do not have a regular menstrual cycle can use an ovulation test. This is a urine test that detects an increase in luteinizing hormone, which coincides with the period of ovulation. The ovulation test makes it easy to identify the optimal time for sex. To go further, stay patient and discover the 12 technics to follow to get pregnant.

3. Favor certain positions: Easy way to get pregnant

No absolute position to get pregnant. However, it seems better not to have gravity against you. For this reason, you should favour positions where you are lying on your back or on your side. The man must be above and the woman below to benefit from the force of gravity. This sense helps sperm in their migration

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4. Aim for orgasm: Easy way to get pregnant

Orgasm causes contractions and pushes sperm into the uterus. This is because it would allow more sperm to pass into the uterus. No matter what position you choose and whether or not you achieve orgasm, the secret is probably more in enjoying it, rather than doing the act mechanically. Read on to learn more than 12 technics to get pregnant

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5. Reduce your coffee consumption: Easy way to get pregnant

Some studies show that caffeine has a negative impact on women’s fertility. Caffeine is said to cause muscle cells in the fallopian tubes to relax. Now the muscles of the fallopian tubes should be toned. The role of the latter is to transport the eggs to the uterus by contraction. Thus, excessive coffee consumption could therefore interfere with the migration of sperm or ovum.

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6. Technics for Getting Pregnant: Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption should be avoided during pregnancy, but it should also be, or at least be reduced when a couple is trying to conceive a child. Drinking two to three glasses of alcohol a day significantly affects fertility in both women and men. Adopt a decent lifestyle to get pregnant is one of the 12 technics for getting pregnant.

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7. Technics for Getting Pregnant: Avoid Stress

Excessive stress can be a drag on fertility. Thus, there would be a correlation between stress and infertility. To increase the odds on your side, don’t put yourself in stressful situations, or, if you can’t avoid them, find ways or time to relax.

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8. Eat a balanced diet and aim for a healthy weight.: Easy way to get pregnant

Whether you are too thin or overweight, it has an impact on your fertility level. Don’t go on a draconian diet, or conversely, don’t stuff yourself, but eat balanced meals and exercise on a daily basis. This statement is true for both women and men.

9. Add key foods to your menu or take supplements: Easy way to get pregnant

Many foods promote fertility in women and increase fertility levels in men. Look to those loaded with vitamin C (oranges, peppers, and broccoli), folic acid (beans and spinach), and Omega 3 (fish), which are high in zinc (crab and oysters) and calcium and vitamin D (cheese, milk and yoghurt). Of course, if you can’t eat all of these foods on a daily basis, supplements can be combined with good nutrition.

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10. Technics for Getting Pregnant: Keep Your Man Cool

It’s not about putting it in the fridge, but rather keeping it away from sources of heat. The increase in the temperature of the testes decreases the quality of sperm and can even kill millions of them. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid saunas, hot baths, wearing tight-fitting underwear or pants, and even keeping a laptop computer on your lap for a long time.

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11. Don’t let the years go by before deciding to conceive a baby.: Easy way to get pregnant

You should get pregnant as soon as possible if conditions allow. Of course, you have to find the right partner, be in optimal health and have some financial security, but you have to remember that a woman is at the peak of her fertility in her twenties. Subsequently, the fertility level slowly decreases, to drop rapidly, from the age of 35. Men should not ignore this rule either. Because, although they are physically capable of conceiving a child up to the age of 60-70, the quality of their sperm deteriorates over the years, which decreases their fertility, sometimes from the age of 40.

Women are often singled out when it comes to fertility, but the equally important role of men should not be overlooked. Childbearing must necessarily be done in pairs, and prepare for it as well. So ladies, tell your partner and don’t forget the 12 technics for getting pregnant naturally.

12. Technics For Getting Pregnant: A Pregnancy Recipe

The recipe for getting pregnant is simple: it consists of drinking infusions made from garlic, ginger and honey. To make this remedy for getting pregnant, just peel 1 nice piece of fresh ginger then crush about 7 cloves of garlic that we plunge into a saucepan of simmering water

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