Product 060: Female infertility, Irregular cycle Natural Treatments


female infertility treatment. Home and natural remedies for infertility Solve all your infertility problems with our natural herbal tea.


female infertility treatment. Obviously Home and natural remedies for infertility Solve all your infertility problems with our natural herbal tea.

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Female infertility and Irregular cycle Natural Treatments

  • Firstly Irregular periods and also menstrual disorders are conditions that disrupt the normal menstrual cycle in women, which plays a key role in fertility.
  • Secondly, Menstrual disorders can then be symptoms of infertility due to another cause. Illustrate as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and uterine fibroids.
  • Thirdly Lack of ovulation or infrequency of ovulating also commonly causes irregular periods
  • Finally, These conditions, generally known as irregular periods, include amenorrhea (lack of menstruation), oligomenorrhea (infrequent periods), as well as menorrhagia (prolonged or heavy periods).


Infertility can be primary or secondary.

Primary infertility is when a couple has not conceived after trying for at least 12 months without using birth control

Secondary infertility is when they have previously conceived but are no longer able to.

Once a woman is diagnosed with infertility, the overall likelihood of successful treatment is 50%.

Whether a treatment is successful depends on:

  • The underlying cause of the problem
  • The woman’s age
  • Her history of previous pregnancies
  • How long she has had infertility issues
  • The presence or absence of male factor infertility

Fertility treatments are most likely to benefit women whose infertility is due to problems with ovulation. Treatment with medications is least likely to benefit infertility caused by damage to the fallopian tubes or severe endometriosis, although in vitro fertilization can help women with these conditions to conceive.

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The first step in treating infertility in many cases is to treat the underlying cause of infertility. For example, in cases where thyroid disease causes hormone imbalances, medication for thyroid disease may be able to restore fertility.

Frequency of intercourse

The couple may be advised to have sexual intercourse more often around the time of ovulation. Sperm can survive inside the female for up to 5 days, while an egg can be fertilized for up to 1 day after ovulation. In theory, it is possible to conceive on any of these 6 days that occur before and during ovulation.

However, a survey has suggested that the 3 days most likely to offer a fertile window are the 2 days before ovulation plus the 1 day of ovulation.

Some suggest that the number of times a couple has intercourse should be reduced to increase sperm supply, but this is unlikely to make a difference.

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How to solve this problem?:

female infertility treatment

We put at your disposal this herbal tea 060 which treats sterility of inorganic causes for women. And also regulates the cycle of menstruation. Equally important this remedy helps so many women to conceive in a short time. Furthermore discover and also use our herbal tea if you have a  female infertility problem. Furthermore, In the case of fibroids, or cysts, pray to take herbal tea No. 10 so suited to these situations. Not only herbal tea is surely effective in cases of blocked tubes but also in the absence of ovulation, and defects of cervical mucus. And dirty rules, hormonal problems. Later If in doubt, consult your doctor. Finally, It is indeed the best remedy to overcome female infertility.

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Product details

Weight 50g
Composition Plant extracts
Properties Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, depurative, immunoreconstituent as well as antioxidant, etc.
Active substances Tannins, flavonoids, etc.
Presentation Powder in a pot or also a sachet
Directions for use Read the leaflet
Indications Female infertility, blocked trunks, absence of ovulation, irregular periods not to mention cervical mucus defect,
Side effects None
Duration of treatment Three months renewable
Price 50 €

Therapeutic effects

Not only does Herbal tea N ° 060 takes care of Female Infertility, and regulate the cycle of menstruation but also promotes ovulation, and uncovers tubes. And certainly improves the quality of the cervical mucus.  And also makes the woman fertile. The herbal tea is effective in cases of blocked tubes, absence of ovulation, defect of cervical mucus, dirty rules in addition to hormonal problems. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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For instance, we use it for Female infertility, blocked trunks, absence of ovulation, irregular periods as well as cervical mucus defects,

Directions for use

Firstly Boil a tablespoon of the powder in a litre of water, Then let it cool down. And Finally, filter it. Keep in a cool place. Drink half-glass, 3 times a day for six months.In addition to this add also the juice of a ripe lemon to the socket. Finally, Resume control before stopping treatment completely.

Assisted conception: female infertility treatment

The following methods are currently available for assisted conception.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI): At the time of ovulation, a fine catheter is inserted through the cervix into the uterus to place a sperm sample directly into the uterus. The sperm is washed in a fluid and the best specimens are selected.

The woman may be given a low dose of ovary stimulating hormones.

IUI is more commonly done when the man has a low sperm count, decreased sperm motility, or when infertility does not have an identifiable cause. It can also help if a man has severe erectile dysfunction.

In-vitro fertilization (IVF): Sperm are placed with unfertilized eggs in a petri dish, where fertilization can take place. The embryo is then placed in the uterus to begin a pregnancy. Sometimes the embryo is frozen for future use.

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