005- Djeka: The Benefits and Virtues of Djeka Uses of Djeka

Djeka leaf Virtues
Djeka leaf Virtues

Djeka leaf virtues. Djeka is a plant that has been used for ages. Thus by West African women in their well-being and intimate routine. Therefore Antibiotic and natural disinfectants. Its leaves are used to clean the uterus. As well as the belly of its impurities. Tone the muscles of the vagina and treat wounds caused by childbirth.

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Djeka what is it?:Djeka leaf Virtues

Indeed, the Djeka plant is a medical plant used in African herbal medicine. Therefore these plants are used to treat wounds caused by pregnancy. To cleanse the belly. However, these leaves come from a meter high shrub with many branches. In addition, it has a petiole.

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Benefits of Djeka Leaf

So, here are some benefits of the Djeka plant, it

Detoxifies and revitalizes the uterus.
Tones the muscles of the vagina and tightens it
Cleanses the belly of its impurities and rebalances the vaginal flora.
Soothes vaginal itching and removes bad odours.
Calms painful periods.
Treats gastrointestinal complaints and stimulates appetite.
The Djéka treats wounds caused by childbirth as well as urinary tract infections.
Remove foul-smelling white discharge
Relieves painful periods
Tighten the Secret Garden
Alleviates and relieves painful periods
Eradicate the secret garden itch
Remove bad smells from the secret garden

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Use of the Djeka Leaf:

How to use them?

In addition, djeka leaves should be washed thoroughly. thus boil for 30 minutes then, let the juice cool down and use it for personal hygiene.
You can also put the lukewarm infusion in a bucket and do the sitz bath to benefit from these virtues.

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However, the leaves are also consumed lukewarm, as an infusion by future and new brides and also by women who have just given birth. So we can drink it lukewarm, cool to taste.
Make an intimate toilet with this wonderful plant, twice a week. The leaf for more efficiency can be combined with gongoli.