Muscle Pain Natural Cream. Find out the best balm for pain. It has been proven effective and has no side effects. Therefore, make your order now.

Herbal Tea 191: Joint Pain Balm, Muscle Pain

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The product.:Muscle Pain Natural Cream

Balm for Joint Pain and then   Muscle Pain. Indeed, an anti-pain balm to better treat all these diseases. Obviously, it is the ideal remedy to have at home and at hand. The Herbal Tea 191: Nervous balm Arthritis Osteoarthritis Lumbago Goutte is a good organic herbal remedy. Which instantly fights the pains of the nerves. Then muscle pain and joint pain.

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FICHE TECHNIQUE:Muscle Pain Natural Cream

Weight 25g
Compositions Plant extracts.Then shea butter. And also essential oils, etc.
Propriety Anti-inflammatory.  astringent.  depuratives, micronutrients, immunoreconstituent, antioxidants, depuratives, etc.
Active substances Natural methyl salicylates.Then natural reserpine.  micronutrients, etc.
Presentation Ointment in a jar
Using direction Read the leaflet
indications Arthritis Osteoarthritis Lumbago Gout
Side effects A little warm
Duration of treatment One month renewable
Unit price 30 euros

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– Ointment in 25 g jar


-Vegetable extracts

Active substances

natural methyl salicylates, natural salicin, reserpine, etc.

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Price: 30 €

Therapeutic effects: Muscle Pain Natural Cream

Balm for Joint Pain. Additionally,  it is also good for  Muscle Pain. Herbal Tea N ° 191: Balm for Joint Pain, Muscle Pain. Furthermore, Herbal tea quickly relieves pain and many symptoms such as muscle spasms.

Then muscle pain. Also side points. And finally tingling, tingling, Etc.


. Arthritis Osteoarthritis Lumbago Gout Carpal tunnel

.Manual :

Read the leaflet

Firstly this cream quickly relieves nerve pain. Secondly bone pain and muscle pain in many cases of rheumatism. More also, It is important to discover this ointment and get it.

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Arthritis Osteoarthritis Lumbago Gout Carpal tunnel, how to get rid of it naturally? We offer you a pain balm for quick relief.

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Lupus diseases.  natural treatment with herbal cream. More also,  the cream will help you manage the skin problems associated with Lupus. Certainly, you need to discover the cream

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