plants and spirituality

Plants and spirituality, The magic power of plants.
Plants and spirituality is a delicate and ignored area of ​​many. The plant is alive and has many unknown characteristics. Let us restore to plants and spirituality the respect due. God has created plants for the use of men and the man of common sense must not despise plants. All sacred books speak of the proper use of plants not only for the physical body but especially for the spiritual body of man because our Lord teaches us that man does not live by bread alone and everything is double. Plants have a carnal life and a spiritual life. Every thing on earth has two faces: a visible face and a hidden face and all spiritual movements obey this rule. What everyone can know and what is reserved for initiates according to their degree of evolution. The mind commands the body and if your mind is sick, it will be felt on your body. God has endowed each plant with special virtue for the integral health of man and if you have the grace to live with humility beside a wise man you will learn a lot from knowing. It is by a plant and some sacred words that the sorcerer comes out of his body and turns into a bird to travel from one point to another. It is with a plant and some manipulations that the rainmaker makes the rain fall in a few minutes. It is by a plant that the wicked wizard can create zizanie in a home and cause divorce. It is with the gall of fish that the angel Raphael opened the eyes of Tobit. This science has these limitations and even if you can not win the World Cup with the science of our fathers, you can positively or negatively influence many situations. With this science, we can see things that are invisible to ordinary people, see a spirit of death, foresee a catastrophe, predict the success or otherwise of a project, and so on. However, it is important to privilege the aspect of this science that glorifies God, to pray unceasingly to change a situation for its benefit, to avoid knowing the future, to avoid divination and to leave the future to God. God Himself will reveal to us what is useful to know. Remember that, whatever your degree of initiation, you can never know everything and that is where God is beyond us. Here is the domain of the irrational commanded by love, charity, faith in God, the virtue of plants, the law of similars, the transmission of vibrations and prayer to read the books “Little Albert” and “Big Albert”. If you do not have faith in God, supreme creator of the visible world and the invisible world, this section is not made for you and you just medicinal virtue of plants for your physical good. However, remember that medicine was originally associated with astrology, divination and plants as our fathers did in Africa, and it was after that medicine of the body took over spiritual medicine left to spiritualists, psychologists, psychiatrists, priests, gurus, etc. Let us take care of our whole being, taking into account what we really are: body, soul and spirit

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