Product 004: Moringa Soap Multi-skin diseases (soap)

Mycosis Natural treatment. The best cream to solve all your skin problems. It has been proven effective and has no side effects.


Mycosis Natural treatment. The best cream to solve all your skin problems. It has been proven effective and has no side effects.

Mycosis Skin Diseases Herpes Vaginitis Cream 

Mycosis, herpes, vaginitis, fungal infection disappeared with this cream. The ointment is important for everyone because you do not know at what time fungi attack the skin.

Product details: Mycosis Natural treatment

Weight 25g
Composition Petrol of plants, Vegetable extracts organic
Properties fungicides
Active substances Tannins, heteroside, fungicides
Presentation Ointment in a pot of 25 ml
Directions for use  Read the notice
Side effects none
Treatment duration 14 days renewable at will

 Other composition
– Extracts of plants (neem, cassia alata, coconuts will Nucifera, Aloe vera, mint, Mitragyna, Aframomum meleguette, etc)
– shea butter, olive oil not to mention petroleum jelly

Active substances
Tannins, heteroside, fungicides, etc.

Price: 10 €


In fact, this ointment is very helpful. So don’t worry to buy and use it. This remedy is efficient against many skin diseases too. In addition, it facilitates sexual enjoyment. Man and woman can make use of it for sexual intercourse.

Beneficial effects

It is an antifungal, antibiotic pomatum, and also disinfectant very efficient against a lot of skin diseases such as mycoses, dermatoses, vaginitis, eczema, shingles, pimples, abscess, varies, stretch marks, tineas, scabs, etc. In addition,  it goes well against frigidity and premature ejaculation. As a result, this facilitates a major sexual pleasure and brings closer the partners. Surely, women will gain a great profit from it in order to keep their husbands and to stabilize their hearts. In the same fashion, men will also get the same results to prevent their partners from looking elsewhere.

Indeed, it is simple and easy to use. Everyone can use it and get profit from these benefits. Where the ointment is applied. There is no mushroom that can resist for a long time. And one should have it at home. Moreover, it lubricates the vagina well.  Increases the sensitivity of the vagina, and makes women more sensitive.

Side effects
Rare cases of irritations were observed on very sensitive skins.

–Mycoses, vaginitis, eczema, shingles. In addition buttons, abscess, varies, stretch marks, tineas. And finally scabs, itchings, scales, etc
–Premature ejaculation and frigidity.

Directions for use of mycosis, skin diseases, herpes, vaginitis Cream

–To apply simply on the sick parts.
–To apply a little bit in the vagina or on the penis 30 mn before the act to facilitate not only sexual pleasure but also to fight frigidity and premature ejaculation.

Note: This ointment is on the market for more than 40 years. Furthermore, it showed its efficiency in many hearths and did not finish making wonders. Everyone should have it to act promptly in certain circumstances. Make the experience to testify to its effectiveness.

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