Product 005: Natural Tonic/Dietary Supplement


Natural tonic is a superfood, a good food supplement, a miracle food for all ills. This herbal tea does wonders in a short period of time.


Natural Tonic/Dietary Supplement

Firstly, the natural tonic is a complex of baobab leaves, moringa leaves, and other organic products rich in micronutrients. More also, it is useful in cases of chronic fatigue and also declines in immune defenses.

What is a dietary supplement?

In the first place, a dietary supplement is a product that will perform a physiological role.  Beyond the provision of simple nutritive requirements. In addition,  it may be also food. Or a part of food containing health-promoting ingredients from plants. And animals, minerals, vitamins, prebiotics, or probiotics.

Reasons we should have supplements

The purpose of the food supplement is firstly to add that little extra to your normal diet. Secondly, they ensure that you are getting a measurable amount of essential nutrients. Thirdly, they make up for the poor nutrient content of the many foods we eat. In fact,

Experts say that 90% of us are deficient in chromium, an essential trace mineral that is poorly supplied. Furthermore, stress can also increase the body’s need for certain nutrients. And these can be easily obtained from supplements.
Then, there are antioxidants\ supplements that can hinder aging and cellular damage. And also  Intake of essential nutrients in greater amounts, than can be supplied from our regular diet. Has been also shown to improve physical performance, fat loss, and muscle gain.

Experts state that the need for supplements for disease prevention is so well documented.  Therefore,  those who do not take at least conservative doses of antioxidants should be thought of as reckless. These people are allowing their bodies to undergo damage that is unnecessary. Those who exercise regularly have a much higher need for antioxidants and also for minerals. Also, degenerative diseases are caused when there are multiple nutrient deficiencies.

Athletes also suffer from nutritional deficiencies. And can use supplements to ensure optimum supplies of nutrients for maximum performance. Therefore, intake of nutrients has been shown to improve physical performance, fat loss, and also muscle gain.

Add supplements  to your normal diet in order to get physiological and nutritional benefits

Product details

Weight 50g
Composition Vegetable extracts vitalized calcium and zinc.
Properties Food supplements
Active substances Calcium, zinc, micronutrient and aminoacid
Presentation powder in sachet or pot
Directions for use Read the notice
Side effects none
Treatment duration 7 days renewable at will

Other active substances

– Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, fibers, micro-acids. And micronutrients (vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B3, C, E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper not to mention sulfur, etc.)

-Catechism tannins, gum, mucilage as well as sterols, etc.

Chemical composition of natural ascending for 100g

Calcium 2000mg; Phosphorus 26.1; vitamin C 38 to 53 mg; Thiamine 0.13; Riboflavin 0.82; Niacin 4.83; vitamin A 5mg; Aminoacids 5mg; aspartic acid 10.3 9.7%; glutamic acid 13.4 12.6%; Serine 4.7 4.4%; Glycine 6.0 5.6% as well as Histidine 2.1 2.0%; Arginine 8.5 8.0%; Threonine 4.1 3.9%; Alanine 6.9 6.5% and also Proline 5.6 5.3% ; Tyrosine 4.5 4.2% also; Valine 6.3 5.9%; methionine 2.4 2.3%; Isoleucine 6.7 6.3%; Leucine 8.7 8.2%; Phenylalanine 5.7 5.4%; Cystic acid 2.7 2.5%. And  Lysine 6.1 5.7% not to mention Tryptophan 1.6 1.5%; etc.

Culinary properties

As a flavoring and thickening product, baobab leaf is used both to thicken. And also flavor soups, sauces, broths, juices, porridge, tapioca, cuckoos, and also for stews. Moreover, a bit of leaf powder at the end of cooking thickens, aromatizes, enriches.  And activates all the members of the family while protecting them against malaria, digestive disorders, fatigue.  And decalcification. So, here is a good product for the whole family.

Obviously, there are the nutritional content and confirmed active elements in baobab leaves

-Indeed, the natural tonic is real food to consume every day that God does in order to be safe from many diseases

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