Product139: Christian Tradition Mary’s incense

Mary Incense for bewitchment. The best incense for bewitchment. Make your order and brought peace and joy to your household.


Mary Incense for bewitchment. The best incense for bewitchment. Make your order and brought peace and joy to your household.

Christian Tradition Mary incense

Please note Mary’s incense that defeats the knots which defeat knot is a universal recipe that quickly unblocks situations. And also all situations if you have a little faith. This incense is so useful in case of blockage.

About the product: Mary Incense for bewitchment

Christian Tradition Mary’s incense that defeats the knots is very effective. Furthermore, it helps to disenchant, to unscramble a possessed of a malignant spirit, a husband or a woman of the night, of a bewitchment. Good for destroying a spell, removing a bad spell, undoing desperate situations, and freeing places, homes and shops mined in witchcraft.

Its use should be systematic in the houses because there are always spirits who wander in the houses or all around looking for easy prey. It is not fetishism or idolatry but a question of the liver in the mercy of God.

Good to untie the situations of bewitchment in the liver in God by the love manifested in a consecrated soul, a superior entity, a prophet, a spirit, and par excellence incarnated in Christ Jesus. The more you practice love, the more your spirit is purified, the more you radiate, the more your aura surrounds you with divine light, and the closer you get to God without ever being equal to him.

Product details

Weight: 50g

Composition:  Incense, resin, myrrh, benzoin, storax, olibanum, sandalwood, sacred gardenia, guila , sulfur, vegetable as well as mineral extracts, etc.

Active substances: Tannins, resins, prayers, and specific elements
Antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory, spiritual detoxification, washing,

Indications: Possession, bewitchment, bizarre illness, night husband, ghost vision, nightmare, depression, need for protection.  Exorcism, nocturnal paralysis, night rifle, the feeling of insecurity, fear, loss of self-confidence. Professional blockage, need for purification, need a spiritual wash, need a job, need help, need love, etc

Presentation: powder in sachet or pot

Instructions for use: Read the instructions

Duration of treatment: 21 days renewable at will or occasional use

Price: 20 euros

The therapeutic effects of incense 

It defeats knots, which undoes the knots unplaces, protects, promotes the sense of responsibility, constancy, and fidelity. This incense protects against negative forces during sleep, promotes the sum. It is very effective against nightmares.

Where our incense burns, no ominous bird can cross without falling to the ground. Burn our incense and be sure that your home is under divine protection. In addition to its protective nature, our incense pleasantly perfumes the house, attracts a lot of positive vibrations: luck, love, clairvoyance, purifies wandering as well as lost souls.

A child seems to be bewitched, praising the place to observe his instant deliverance. It is a divine wonder that is not associated with any belief except your liver. Wandering and lost souls, evil spirits, the evil eye, etc. will have nothing to do with you, neither in you nor around you.
Note: In situations of loss of self-confidence, insecurity, persecution, bewitchment, or also possession, proper use of this incense will completely change your life. It is not fetishism or idolatry but a question of faith in the mercy of God.

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