Product 081: Detoxification for tobacco alcohol  drugs addiction

Overcome drugs addiction naturally. The best and effective natural remedy to get rid of drugs and tobacco addition shortly. Make your order.


Overcome drugs addiction naturally. The best and effective natural remedy to get rid of drugs and tobacco addition shortly. Make your order. 

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Detoxification for tobacco alcohol  drugs addiction

Detoxification or detoxication (detox for short) is the physiological or also the medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver. Additionally, it can refer to the period of withdrawal during which an organism returns to homeostasis after long-term use of an addictive substance. In medicine, detoxification can be achieved by decontamination of poison ingestion and the use of antidotes as well as techniques such as dialysis and (in a limited number of cases) chelation therapy.

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what is an addition?

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.

Symptoms Of Addiction: Overcome drugs addiction naturally

Tolerance to a substance tended to affect people who have developed an addiction. Tolerance occurs when a person is no longer affected by the same needs to take more of it to feel the same effects. It is one of the major signs of addiction, as is physical dependence. Other signs include:

  • When a person feels that he or she needs to use the substance on a regular basis, whether daily or several times throughout the day
  • Falling short in school or work responsibilities due to substance abuse
  • Wanting to stop using the substance, but  unable to successfully quit
  • Engaging in risky behavior to obtain the drug (i.e. stealing or doing other things a person would not normally do)
  • Experiencing strong urges to use a substance
  • Maintaining a steady supply of the substance
  • Undergoing withdrawal when a person tries to quit

When trying to recognize addiction symptoms in those around you, behavioural changes may be the biggest clue. For example, people newly affected by addition may begin falling behind in school or work performance, or may no longer have an interest in activities they used to love.

People who may have developed addiction will benefit most from comprehensive treatment. Getting loved ones the help they need may be difficult, though. Often, addicted individuals are not ready to admit they have a substance use disorder, and this can present a problem for speaking to them about it.

They may also no longer pay much attention to their appearance or may neglect their health. People with developing addictions may also become secretive in an effort to hide their addictions, especially if they are not ready to face their disorder yet.

About the  product

Detoxification is a great way to purify the body. This herbal tea purifies the body of various toxins and replenishes them with vital elements for total well-being. Whether you are an alcoholic, tobacco, drug addict, or not, this herbal tea will be very useful.

Product details

Weight 50g


Plant extracts


Depurative, immunoreconstituant, antioxidant, etc.

Active substances

Depurative, immunoreconstituant, antioxidant, etc.


Powder in a jar or in sachet or capsule

Instructions for use

Read the instructions


Chronic diseases, intoxications, dependence on soft or hard drugs, smoking, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.

Side effects None

Duration of treatment

Six months renewable

Unit price:  50 €

Therapeutic effects.

The Remedy 081 Detoxification is indeed a depurative tea, laxative, purgative and immunoreconstituant. It rids and also purifies the body of various toxins, poisons. And also heavy metals (chemicals, nicotine, drugs, narcotics, alcohol, chemical drugs, lead, mercury, stones, pesticides, bad fats, plaques, etc.) accumulated in the body of patients for a long time. Not only this natural detoxification, replenishes the body, the mind but also strengthens the immune system of the chronically ill. weak people, insomniacs, mentally weak people, drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers. and others.


Addictions to soft and hard drugs, chronic diseases, infection, etc.

Instructions for use

Read the instructions

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